Leading brand Industry benchmark
ZKS was founded in 2007, headquartered in Shanghai. After years of development, has now become the world's main business intelligence security products group。ZKS has partners in more than and 100 countries and regions in the world, the marketing network all over the world。ZKS is based on the "the technology of intelligent recognition" and "access control" and a number of independent intellectual property rights, in 2013 took the lead in the research and development of the world's first smart glass door lock, classic streamline design, bright solid material, a variety of intelligent unlocking modes, stable and reliable performance, convenient operation, real innovation, leading to a new era of access control, to create a smart glass door firstly, set up the industry's new fashion brand.ZKS has become the world's most famous and valuable brand.
We supplies the best smart lock for more than 10 years all the time.

Continuous innovation to lead the future
First of all, ZKS proposed the glass door lock is independent from the hardware lock in the traditional, developing continuously .ZKS focuses on the smart glass door is synonymous with the intelligent lock, intelligent lock on the glass door from the concept to product, and has maintained a leading position in the market.ZKS has a strong R & D capabilities, dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality products. With the global resources, continue to bring the most advanced technology to China, keep making lock process world-class, leading the forefront of technology development.

All glass door locks or high-end safety equipment, we called the GLASS 2
International standard quality assurance
Since 2007, ZKS as the quality of life, has been maintained close cooperation with the specialized research institutions and professional laboratories. All locks are installed in the simulated environment, cyclic durability test, overload test, abnormal environment test. It is the essence of ZKS quality assurance, to win customer and market, the secret is that ZKS is leading to maintain top position in the fierce competition in the market.