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In addition to R & D, production and sale of a variety smart lock products, ZKS is the group of security industry with many years of technical experience and a complete service team. You become our ZKS partners, we will continue to provide more quality products, service and perfect solutions to you, be distributors of ZKS, let us create a wonderful career peak.
Application process

Apply to ZKS head office and fill in the "application form" and send it to ZKS via mail or fax.

With the application unit, our corresponding customer manager will call or visit you as soon as possible, with your company for further communication and negotiation.

If consensus on the content of cooperation, the two sides sign an agreement contract for the establishment of formal relations of cooperation.

At the same time, the following documents shall be submitted: a copy of the company's business license / legal representative's ID card / company's tax registration certificates.

According to the partner's own situation, ZKS will provide the corresponding sales tools and a variety of data, technical training, pre-sales support, coordination of local marketing campaigns, a series of support.

Opportunity and Success

The certificates of merchants agent:

1. Approve ZKS brand development concept
2. Enough capital basis to start the operation of the market
3. More than 6 people in marketing and customer service service team
4. Mature distributing channels and operation experience
5. Have a good social relationship and background, to ensure the smooth functioning of the market

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